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About Ruairidh

Hi, I’m Ruairidh. I’m a former lawyer who became a software engineer working remotely.

I’ve been working on side-projects since I was 14. Check out my timeline below if you’re interested. I made this blog as a way to document my own learning, understand concepts better, and hopefully help people who are interested in similar things 🙌.

Joined BeatGig

2019 - present

Working as a senior software engineer building a marketplace for A-list musicians. Working with React, Javascript, GraphQL, and more

Moved back to Scotland


First job as as software engineer


Got my first job as a software engineer, working remotely for Primitive Social

Moved to Madrid


Gave a TEDx talk


Gave a speech to 1200+ attendees on Legal Technology. Was seconded to Skyscanner based on this to write software for their legal team

Made RollRun


Saw the potential for automation in the legal field. Created a project which handled one of my routine tasks. Sold a licence to my firm and turned the project into a SaaS company

Started working as a trainee lawyer


I spent the next two years learning the ropes of being a lawyer



Created Hooked with a friend. Reached the top of Product Hunt and Hacker News. Received a (very premature!) acquisition offer on launch day

Started law school


Started TeenxPats


Started first side-project aged 14. TeenxPats was created when I moved to France and realised that there were no resources helping young people who had moved abroad. The site grew rapidly and gained around 4000 members